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to solve all your problems

40 years

helping companies
and offering solutions

Strive to make
your business grow

We guarantee your peace of mind

The satisfaction

when my hard work has paid off

The strength

of belonging to
a large international group


as the best
specialist professional services firm

We combine

with a global strategic vision

I am happy

because I know I am in good hands

We have experts

wherever you need them


than 10,000 professionals and 400 offices
around the world

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The main asset of GRUPO ASESORIA FINANCIERA is the talent and knowledge of all the professionals that compose it. We, therefore, pay special attention to the human resources policy and we are always interested in meeting new professionals whose skills and experience can contribute to the growth of our firm.

Consequently, we, encourage all those professionals with experience as well as recent graduates who are interested in a professional transition to take part in our selection process. Please send your curriculum vitae to the mail address curriculum@afinanciera.com, or by mail to our office in Barcelona, at C/ Nicaragua, 48, 3rd. floor. 08029-Barcelona, Spain. (Human Resources Department).

Send your “Curriculum Vitae” to:

Nicaràgua, 48, 3r floor
08029 Barcelona

E-mail: curriculum@afinanciera.com