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Company and corporate criminal liability

I.- Corporate criminal law and the criminal responsibility of legal entities.

For many years now our country’s criminal laws have included a series of offences commonly committed by companies and business people and these make up what has become known as corporate criminal law or economic criminal law.

Until 2010, when a crime was committed inside a company (for example Spanish VAT (IVA) fraud, or dumping polluting waste) our Criminal Code punished those responsible (shareholders, directors and owners) with prison sentences and/or...

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Now it’s official: Increase of the Transfer Tax (ITP) up to 10 % at Catalonia from 1st August

Recently we informed you of the imminent increase of the Transfer Tax (ITP) up to 10%.
Well, now it is official that this increase will take effect on 1st august. From then the Tax will increase from 8% up to 10%.
So, we recommend that, if you are going to buy or sell a second-hand building or create or transfer rights in rem on real estate, you should not wait more. Do it before the measure takes effect, so you will save some money.
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information; we will be pleased to...

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Now comes the “Cadastral Amnesty” for undeclared buildings and structures

In Spain there are a lot of buildings and structures which have never been declared to the Cadastre, and some of the following examples will doubtless be familiar to you: the little hut in the country that was converted into a beautiful second home, the extra bedroom built on the roof terrace of the penthouse, the swimming pool or garage built on the plot of land or in the garden ... And so we have thousands and thousands of undeclared square metres, non-existent for tax...

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